Ballistic Protection

Nato stock number (NSN): 8145-25-1613756

Ballistic Protection

CSI has through several years of R&D created a revolutionary rapid-deployment ballistic system, in PVC, filled with local crushed aggregate or rocks.

This patented system will totally change Ballistics protection!

A rapid-deployment ballistic protection system filled with crushed aggregate/rocks. The system is mounted onto a 20 foot container by 3 people within approx. 1 hour using heavy machinery such as a front loader or excavator. Smaller machines or handcraft may also be used.

Utilizing crushed aggregate/ rocks with size of 16-24 mm optimizes the ballistic performance. Earth, sand, gravel and other granular materials may also be used. User should always perform ballistic test when the ballistic specifica- tion of the filling material is unknown. A test sample is included for this purpose.

The CSI ballistic protection system (filled with crushed aggregate/rock) has a 20 cm penetration depth that effectively stops AP STANAG 4569 ammunition

  • Only 13 m3 granular material is needed for filling the CSI ballistic protection for a 20 foot container
  • The CSI ballistic protection is based on polyester fabric, double-sided PVC coating
  • Resistance to oil, fuel and fungicidal. It also has a flame retardant finish
  • A total weight of 150 Kg and an approx. volum of 0,3 m3
  • Low price compared to existing ballistic solutions
  • Protects resources, equipment and investments
  • Low impact on environment
  • Patent no: 20083121

Technical info

Length (total):  6058 mm
Width (total): 2438 mm
Height: 2591 mm
Weight (total): 150 kg
Colors available: Sand, white or green 

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