Laundry Container

Nato stock number (NSN): 8145-25-1520092

Laundry Container

A complete container-based laundry for approx. 125 people. Our cleverly designed mounting system allows the washing machines to be positioned 15 cm from the rear wall (the normal distance is 70 cm), with just 8 cm between them. This ensures optimal space utilization while minimizing the volume for transport.

Because the washing machines are mounted on extendable rails, it takes less than 5 minutes to pull out a unit for servicing. The transport protection mechanism for the washing machines is functional when both installing and dismantling the container.
Two high-capacity extractor fans have been installed to regulate humidity levels in the container. Both fans start when the light switch is activated, and will continue as long as the lights are on.

The container has two air-conditioning units. Both units have cooling and heating functions to provide a stable indoor temperature. The system is closed, so no air is inducted from outside. If the temperature outside the container drops below that for which the air conditioning system can compensate, additional heating is required. An electric ribbed radiator has therefore also been installed in the container.

Our containers are equipped with a proprietary levelling system that enables optimal levelling in the field (optional).

The set-up time for the laundry container is approx. 2 hours for 2 people.

When no longer needed, the containers can quickly be disassembled and transported for deployment elsewhere, or stored for later use. The container’s electrical system complies with the NEC 400 standard. All equipment used in CSI units is CE-approved. All appliances are connected to a corrugated pipe system concealed inside the container walls.


  • 20 feet 1CC container built to ISO 668 standard
  • 6 high-quality Miele industrial washing machines with automatic soap dispensing system (optional)
  • 6 high-quality Miele industrial tumble dryers
  • 2 air-condition units
  • extractor system
  • shelving system
  • water processing system (optional)
  • bug zapper

Technical info

Length (total):  6058 mm
Width (total): 2438 mm
Height: 2591 mm
Weight (total): 7 500 kg
Color: Customer request
Construction: 20” ISO 668 1CC (CSC-Certified)
Drain connection: 50 mm
Water connection: 3/4″
Insulating wall / ceiling: 100 mm
Insulating floor: 200 mm
Electrical connection: 400V, 50Hz, 32A, 3P+N+E
Power consumption: 48 kW
Floor / Ceiling / Wall: Stainless steel (non-slip floor)
Truck pockets: 2pc x 255×80 mm

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