Oilbar and POL storage Container

Oilbar and POL Storage Container

The oil bar and POL storage containers supplied by CSI are designed to handle extreme temperatures. All equipment is specially adapted to be non-explosive. The containers are certified as EX1 secure.

The oil bar container has a workshop where highly flammable liquids can be mixed and stored.

The POL storage container provides secure storage for highly flammable liquids, like oil, diesel and petrol/gasoline.

All electrical equipment in the containers runs on high voltage.

Technical info

Length (total):  6058 mm
Width (total): 2438 mm
Height: 2591 mm
Weight (total): 3 800 kg
Color: Customer request
Construction: 40” ISO 668 1CC (CSC-Certified)
Drain connection: 
Water connection: 
Insulating wall / ceiling: 100 mm
Insulating floor: 200 mm
Electrical connection: 400V, 50Hz, 32A, 3P+N+E
Power consumption: 4.9 kW
Floor / Ceiling / Wall: Stainless steel (non-slip floor)
Truck pockets: 2pc x 255×80 mm

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