Water Container

Nato stock number (NSN): 8145-25-1520091

Water Container

We supply complete water treatment systems for entire camps. We also offer integrated solutions for our various products, such as kitchen, laundry and sanitation containers.

CSI water treatment units include a hydrostatic system and a water softening system. A UV system and an emergency chlorination system are also available. These units are designed for continuous operation.

Ion exchange-based water softening requires raw water devoid of particles larger than 150 mu, since such particles could disrupt the decalcification process and result in downtime and/or poor water quality. As a result, we include a particle filter with a screen mesh size of 130 mu.

Since the quality of the raw water in some areas may not require softening, it is possible to bypass this function if desired.

Food production requires a reliable supply of clean, uncontaminated water.

Reversed osmosis

We offer reverse osmosis as a water purification technology in our water treatment units. The technology can remove many types of molecules and ions from solutions and is used to produce safe drinking water.

The system is available in both 10” and 20” configurations.


  • Particle filter
  • Water softening bypass
  • Reversed osmosis

Technical info

Length (total):  6058 mm
Width (total): 2438 mm
Height: 2591 mm
Weight (total): 6 100 kg
Color: Customer request
Construction: 20” ISO 668 1CC (CSC-Certified)
Drain connection: 50 mm
Water connection: 3/4″
Insulating wall / ceiling: 100 mm
Insulating floor: 200 mm
Electrical connection: 400V, 50Hz, 32A, 3P+N+E
Power consumption: 4.9 kW
Floor / Ceiling / Wall: Stainless steel (non-slip floor)
Truck pockets: 2pc x 255×80 mm

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