Reference list

Camp Supply International AS (CSI) was founded in 2000 to supply the international market with container-based products.

Today, CSI produces high-quality, container-based solutions for use in peacekeeping operations worldwide. We design and manufacture a range of units that offer a unique level of space efficiency and provide excellent working environments in both remote areas and tough climates. CSI has grown steadily since its foundation, and in 2007 we decided to expand our manufacturing capability through the construction of a highly efficient production plant in Changzhou, China. The plant, which was completed in 2009, is operated by the wholly-owned subsidiary CSI Movable Cabinet (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. CSI’s overarching business goal is to provide our global customers with the best quality service and solutions under all conditions.

Our international experience/references

Camp Supply International AS has many years’ experience in supporting both the Norwegian armed forces on deployment overseas and other international peacekeeping missions. 

1997-2004: Delivered 5 complete camps to SFOR in Bosnia, Kosovo and Macedonia.

2003: Remounted a 99-model 4-container kitchen unit from KFOR.

2004: Delivered and installed an 8-container sanitation rig.

2003-2010: Various service missions.

2006: Delivered and installed waste treatment systems, supplied and fitted a kitchen unit with capacity for 600 people. Enhanced electrical systems, telecommunications and data (electrical distribution nets and cabinets at Camp Mazar-e-Sheriff).

2005-2007: Shipments of various container-based solutions to the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organization/Soldier and Base.

2008-2009: CSI provided supplementary containers to the Norwegian base sets, as well as 12 explosives storage containers. We also delivered customized POL storage containers, bio-toilets and advanced water containers to UN MINURCAT in Chad.

2009-2010:  Supplied reefer and transportation containers to Sweden’s National Defence Materiel Administration (FMV). We also delivered a modified 10-foot water container for use in Afghanistan, and developed and delivered a mobile kitchen housed in a 20-foot container for use in the PRT (front base) in Afghanistan. Sanitation containers and water containers with particle filters were also delivered to Chad and Afghanistan.

2009-2011:  Delivered 8 toilet and 8 shower containers to the Russian army. These were equipped with 10 toilets or 10 showers each. CSI was a subcontractor to Kärcher Futuretech GmbH on this project.

2011: CSI received following orders from NATO/NAMSA: 48 Reefer containers, 8 kitchen containers and 2 sanitation containers.

2011:  Supplied laboratory containers for the Danish commercial company Struers AS, which produces metal testing equipment. The containers function as mobile showroom and testing facilities.

2012:  Supplied a complete 6-container kitchen, including cutlery and service/maintenance for the next 3 years, to Sweden’s National Defence Materiel Administration (FMV). Currently in use in Afghanistan.

2012: Supplied 6 complete camps for the Russian armed forces, including kitchen, sanitation, laundry, water purification, water storage and power generators. For use in the Arctic region. 

2013-2014: Supplied full-scale container-based water purification system to the Norwegian armed forces. Capable of purifying any water quality, including radioactive. Supply, service and maintenance frame agreement established for the next 20 years.

2014: Supply command centre containers to the Norwegian armed forces.

2014: Service and maintenance of equipment owned by the Norwegian armed forces prior to new deployment in Mali. Includes kitchen, sanitation, laundry and workshop containers.

2014: Supply laundry containers to the Dutch army. First deployment: Mali.

2014: 3+2-year framework agreement with NATO/NSPA for kennel containers (currently being produced for the Norwegian armed forces).

2014: Communication containers for airports in Hungary, civilian market. In production.