World Wide Service

World Wide Service

Maintenance & service

CSI’s service department consists of skilled and specially trained professionals. Routine service agreements give the customer a guarantee of reliability, ensuring that the delivered products will always provide optimum performance. The service agreement can cover individual products or the entire system.

Each service agreement includes inspections and adjustments in accordance with a set inspection form to ensure that all relevant functions are checked. This approach reduces the risk of unnecessary downtime. We also train our customers’ own staff in service and maintenance procedures.

Set-up time

The set-up time is very short. For instance, we can set up a 4-container kitchen for 500 people in 10 hours using 2 people. The set-up time is kept low partly because all the technical equipment is permanently mounted in the container and pre-connected to electricity, water and drains.

We have also developed a leveling system, which is built into the corner posts of the container. The system makes it possible to level the entire building, thereby easing the requirements for the underlying ground.

Fully climate tested

Our CSC containers are manufactured to be operated under extreme climatic conditions, with temperatures ranging from approx. -46°C to +49°C (STANAG norm). Up to 200 mm of insulation material is used to ensure the containers always provide a pleasant working environment.

All climatic tests are performed in our own climate test chamber in accordance with the procedures documented in AECTP 300, Method 302 and 303, Annex A to STANAG 4370 (Edition 1): AECTP-300 Climatic Environmental Tests.

During these tests the unit’s system performance, as well as its ability to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, are also monitored.

Logistics / Transport

Our kitchen, sanitation, laundry and water-treatment units are housed in standard ISO shipping containers. They can be handled and shipped in the same way as any certified shipping containers, and are approved for transport by air, sea, rail and road. The containers are stackable, they can be hoisted using a truck or crane, or they can be set on a pallet and hoisted using a multi-lift system (“hook lift”).

Larger structures can be built by combining several containers. Large rooms can be constructed using containers without sidewalls, and the entire structure is put together using our proprietary connecting system and gastight packings.


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